Hardwood Floor Repair & Refinishing

Sometimes “the floor you’ve
been looking for”, is already there!

Maybe you discovered a once beautiful hardwood floor underneath the carpet you recently removed. Or possibly you’re moving into a fixer upper whose hardwood floors have seen tough use over the years, with scratches, dents, chips, or sun fading. Don’t despair, we can help you repair and refinish your hardwood floor to its former luster and shine, where it will be a centerpiece of your home.

At Floors by Nathan, we specialize in bringing back to life those tired, old hardwood floors that are already in your home. Whether repairing and refinishing an old and worn hardwood floor, or giving your home a makeover with a total color change, our high quality floor sanding, floor repair, and floor refinishing process can repair and refinish your floors to “just like new” -while saving you a great deal of money!

“Our hardwood floors were in terrible shape, some of our rooms had carpet covering hardwood floors with staples and nails in them and even sections that needed to be replaced. Floors by Nathan saved us a huge amount of money and did a fantastic job of sanding and refinishing almost our entire home’s hardwood floors”.
– Ryan S. Sacramento, CA

Environmentally Friendly
Floor Repair and Refinishing

At Floors by Nathan, our repair and refinish process is healthier, cleaner, and faster with dustless floor sanding equipment. We have powerful vacuums that will pull dust from the sanding machine and put it in a remote holding tank, preventing it from escaping into the air of your home, so you get beautifully resurfaced hardwood floors without the mess or hassle.


Hardwood Restoration

The Sacramento Valley region is full of older homes with old floors. Floors by Nathan is the area expert in making repairs, and sanding and refinishing old floors to their original state. Our experienced floor restoration staff can handle everything from a simple sand and refinish, to a seamless repair, or an entire historic restoration to “like new” condition.

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